the concept

The brand has always been rooted in the preservation of Marikina's shoemaking heritage and the techniques honed by generations of Marikeño artisans.

Working closely with the artisans to understand the industry better, we saw an opportunity to re-invigorate the soon to be forgotten craft by harnessing traditional techniques of shoemaking to create quality footwear designed for everyday use

  To live in

   Filipino craft

By threading these together, we're able to innovate and move the industry forward – preserving the time-honoured techniques of shoemaking while carving a space for it back into the lifestyle of the modern Filipino.



Made with highest standards

of craftsmanship upheld and preserved by our resident artisans in Marikina.

high quality


Select choice of the finest, enduring and sustainable materials available locally.

designed for 


Styles always ready to

get you through the day

in style, comfort & craft.

We believe that by stepping towards this direction, we're doing our part to get the industry back on its feet – enabling it to break free from its decline.


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